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Who We Are
Enterprise Cloud Transformation Excellence

Nanostrom LLc is a California-based Systems and Processes (S&P) Consulting Organization. Our motto is "Repeat Success With Right Systems and Processes" together with team work, passion and purpose has been culled and tested over a period of time. 

As a boutique consulting firm we offer enterprise-scale cloud transformation services, implementation, consulting, integration, project planning and program management services, customer support and more. We are dedicated to providing practical and affordable solutions that solve our customers' unique business problems as well as scale. 
Our methodology is culled and tested over a long period of time in the industry. Our customers ask for and rely on our best practices,  well-integrated and secure solutions.  Uniqueness and innovation are our key drivers.

What We Do

Enterprise Cloud Transformation Services

Today's global business environment is much more complex than just a few years ago when customers, employees, vendors, contractors and other members of the ecosystem were located in close proximity. Today's business ecosystem has customers, partners and other members located all over the globe. Hence there is strong need to transform your organization into a globally operating cloud enterprise. This transformation comes with its own opportunities and challenges. The first and fore most challenge being security threats of being in cloud. There have been a lot of development in this arena to make the cloud more secure and convenient for users. 
The greatest benefit lies in standardizing software application geared to leverage best-in-class features and functions for multiple enterprises leading to multi-tenancy architecture. Agility, innovation and time-to-market are critical success factors to create and sustain competitive advantage and to tap into new markets.

There is a constant pressure to get things done "quick and dirty" in all organizations. However, companies especially startups can grow bigger only if they evolve and develop a system and a set of successful processes to leverage time and resources to hit sales target. 
However, each company big or small has its unique value-proposition which it leverages to stay competitive and profitable. What lies at the core of this uniqueness is the ability to see and respond to customer's paint points in a creative and unique way.  This requires systems and processes to get it right each time and be able to repeat it over and over again until the end of product or service life cycle. 


Salesforce - It's the # 1 Choice

Salesforce is the # 1 choice for your enterprise Cloud Transformation

All companies big and small have finally realized that Salesforce is their # 1 choice. Here is why.
1. Salesforce means "No IT"
Salesforce was bold in its "No IT" approach to offer transformational value to customers small and large. The market was sceptic in the beginning but steadily everyone soon realized how important it is to focus on business drivers and not on IT. For more than 15 years Salesforce platform and its suite of applications have gotten better and better for the business manager. "No IT" means faster decisions and quicker response. No more long IT project life cycles. 
2. Salesforce means "Best-in-Class Security".
Early sceptics also said they were too wary about security on cloud platform and especially around "giving away" their customer details. but then Salesforce delivered such a powerful suite of security features that for the first time companies small and large could afford more security than they did on-prem. In the recent years the market has seen large scale security breaches with on-prem hosted data centers owned by companies that should never be in "IT Business". 
3. Salesforce means "Business Value from the First Day and Minute"
Satarting with CRM suite, enterprise applications are steadily shifting toward cloud computing and is a leader in cloud computing. Salesforce offers complete set of cloud applications be it Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud or Service Cloud. Only Salesforce offers cloud Applications, cloud platform, cloud infrastructure all bundled into one simple pricing structure which is highly cost effective.
4. Salesforce means "Best Set of Apps on AppExchange"
Only Salesforce has a highly competitive choices of hundreds of applications on AppExchange – where you can research, ask for trial and select the right add-on application to extend Salesforce capability without having to leave the platform and without downtime. This is one of the sought after features of
5. Salesforce means "Incredible Support Network" - The entire World's on it!
Conventional "locked in" on-prem application means you are dependent on one company for all your support needs for which you pay a lot of money. Salesforce on the contrary has a "open" architecture when it comes to support. It has groups, forums, an excellent help documentation, videos and training. Salesforce customers from around the world are on these forum advising and helping each other. Most of your questions have solutions in a few clicks. 
Finally, Salesforce is always into releasing newer versions loaded with new features and functionalities. As a customer you are upgraded automatically and without any downtime. Go ahead and give us a call to help us get you on boarded.